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Born in the wonderful city, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Reckoning Hour emerged to expand the boundaries of the brazilian metal. The band was formed by Philip Leander and JP, childhood friends who turned their ideals and frustrations into a machine of riffs and concepts, becoming today, one of the most promising bands in the brazilian scenario.

The brash five-piece invoke the best of the melodic death metal with a modern footprint, introducing a mix of originality, technique and melody in the genre.

The name Reckoning Hour comes from the idea of a settling of scores, a moment of truth. Underneath the lyrics are a depiction of conflicting themes and the overcoming adversity.

In April 8th, the band joined forces with Famined Records (US) to unleash their first album, Between Death and Courage. The album has subsequently been widely accepted by and garnered attention from national and international media.

On it's first tour, the band had the opportunity to work with giant bands such as Children of Bodom, Suicide Silence, Krisiun, Cavalera Conspiracy, promoting the album throughout the brazilian territory as they plan their future international tour.